To have perfect organization, and safety of rest, regulations specify the responsibilities of people using wooden houses.
When you booking house - you accept terms below.

1. Hotel day starts at 2pm and ends at 10am.
2. Rent a cottage includes a number of up to 5 people.
3. Each additional person can be added after agreement, with an extra charge.
4. Claims related to renting a house have be paid in arrive day.
5. In case of cancellation of the booked stay, paid deposit is not refundable.
6. If you will shorter the stay, we no refunding money back
7. Person's not registered in resort Sonar can stay to 10pm.
8. Responsibility of all personal items in the cottage, depends on person renting the house.
9. Remember the safety rules when firing up the grill - away from the wooden walls of the cottage
absolute ban on using grill on the terrace.
10. Animal lovers please watch your pets, as well as to preserve the purity and safety of other guests.
11. Any defects, damages, please report immediately to the owner.
12. Leaving, make sure that electrical equipment has been turned off and the windows and doors closed.
13. People renting cottage can use free unguarded parking.
14. No smoking in cottage.
15. Transmission and reception of a house occurs in the presence of the owner.
16. In the case of non-compliance with the Rules, the owner of the resort may terminate the lease agreement with immediate effect without returning back you payment.
17. As security for any damage caused by the tenant, the tenant paying at check-in condenser deposit of 200 PLN.


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